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Saturday, 08 April 2017 10:41
Uppingham volunteers have expressed their disappointment at the news that the Uppingham Hopper has not received the support of the Community Transport Association (CTA) in securing a new bus under a government grant scheme to replace old buses. In a public statement the CTA confirmed that only 40 of over 300 applicant organisations were to be rewarded with a vehicle replacement grant due to limited funds. The East Midlands is to receive only two of the grants, both going to city based projects. Top scoring region for grants was the South East which is to receive 10 of the 40 offers.
The Uppingham Hopper Community Bus had been trialled for a year with funding and support from Uppingham Town Council, Rutland County Council and local  businesses. The bus was driven by a team of eight volunteers  delivering a one hour circular service between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Critically the bus linked outlying areas of the town with the Uppingham Surgery and the town centre. 
The failure to secure a grant was discussed by the board of Uppingham First at its meeting on April 11th 2017. It was agreed that the Partnership contact social and economic partners with a view to launching a £25k fund raising initiative within Rutland to secure an appropriate community bus. The Uppingham Town Mayor has offered his support for the effort. Fund raising will be led by former Town Mayor and Uppingham First Director Cllr David Ainslie.     
Celebrating the Arts in Uppingham
A Black Tie Gala Evening in two leading galleries followed by Dinner
June 2nd 2017
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