Uppingham Homes CLT Submits Planning Application To Build Six First Homes

Locally led Community Land Trust Uppingham Homes, a Community Benefit Society and Exempt Charity registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has submitted a planning application to build 6 new first homes at the site of the former Badley Orchard in Uppingham.

The site was gifted to the CLT to build affordable first homes for younger local people. The application seeks permission for four 1 bedroomed homes to rent and two 2 bedroomed homes for shared ownership with the CLT. Under CLT rules, allocation priority will be given to those with a strong connection to Uppingham and its hinterland villages. A portion of young tenants’ rents will be placed in a ‘deposit builder fund’ and returned to them once they are ready to move on and purchase their first home.

Renowned architectural practice GSS of Northamptonshire are the site designers who are seeking approval for the project as an ‘exception site’.

For more information on the project and Uppingham Homes see www.uppinghamhomes.uk