CPRE Rutland Study Supports Case for New Homes

Renowned for its campaigning to protect and sustain the countryside, CPRE Rutland, the local countryside charity, has completed the preparation of a local affordable housing survey which will soon be available to all local communities in Rutland. The 12 page survey booklet was prepared in collaboration with Rutland County Council. There will also be an online version.

Outcomes of a pilot of the survey, trialed in Uppingham which currently has 1900 households, demonstrate a clear need for more affordable first homes for young people in the area. The CPRE survey is being used by local architects GSS to support the case for the Uppingham Homes CLT project in Uppingham intended to create six new dwellings for young Rutlanders.

For more information on the survey contact CPRE Rutland Vice Chair Ron Simpson BEM at rons@clara.net