Anglian Water Agrees to Work with Uppingham Community

Uppingham Homes Community Land Trust has secured agreement with Anglian Water to work together to enable the building of homes for younger people in Uppingham, Rutland.

Anglian Water has offered to assess and cost the improvements necessary at Uppingham Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure appropriate environmental standards can be maintained on the Badley Orchard site in Seaton Road where it is proposed to build a number of homes specially designed for the 18 – 35 age group.

Talks with Anglian Water are being facilitated by Rutland Dam Engineer and Water Expert Keith Edwards of Oakham. Uppingham Homes Director Ron Simpson said,, “We are very grateful to Keith for the support he has offered our housing project. His expertise is proving invaluable. We also very much appreciate the effort being made by Anglian Water to help make a difficult site viable for building homes. We look forward to working together to deliver a worthy project”.