UppShop – Addressing Disadvantage and Social Isolation in a Cashless Society – A Collaborative Community Project in Support of Local Businesses

Led by Rotary in Uppingham, the aim of this project is to harness the community spirit evident in Uppingham and bring old and young together to empower a pilot group of the elderly and/or housebound with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate online banking and to shop in the town centre and Friday Market with home delivery of the goods available via the Uppingham Hopper.
The initiative will see a volunteer group of the elderly receive support and training from a pilot group of young mentors and staff drawn from Uppingham Community College, Barclays Bank, Local IT company ClockedIn and Rotary. Fraud prevention support will also be sought from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Funding will come from The Co-op Community Fund, Barclays, and Rotary. Equipment supplied will include new smart phones, tablets and key safes. Goods delivery and trader payment will be over-seen by Uppingham First and the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum. A public presentation on the project will be delivered at the Jan 30th meeting of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum to be held in the Falcon Hotel at 7.30pm.
Traders and residents interested in participating in the pilot project are invited to contact the project via rons@clara.net so that further information can be provided.