Uppingham First Board 2020

Uppingham First is the award winning elected community partnership for Uppingham recognised by national and local government and the voluntary/charity sector. A company limited by guarantee its agendas, minutes and significant reports can be read at www.uppinghamfirst.co.uk. The company is a member of Revive and Thrive, Locality and the Community Transport Association. For 2020 its governing board of directors has been strengthened as follows:-

Business Directors – 7 – (Elected by the Business Forum )
Edward Baines (Chair); Jane Lang; Geoffrey Pointon; Trevor Ellis; Kath Gilbert; Ron Simpson BEM; James Torbell.
Community Directors – 3 – (Elected by the Neighbourhood Forum)
David Ainslie BEM (Vice Chair); Mark Shaw; Janet Thompson.
Statutory Sector Directors – 3 – (Elected in an individual capacity by UF)
Lucy Stephenson (Local Governance); Geoff Thompson (Education and Skills); Health and Wellbeing (vacant).


The board congratulates:-

David Ainslie on being awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours list 

James Torbell for winning the 2019 Biz Club Business Award

Geoff Thompson for being selected as High Sheriff of Rutland in Nomination for 2022

Town Councillor Lucy Lewin for her success in the 2019 East Midlands Womens Awards winning ‘Best Community Leader in a Market Town’