Uppingham Business Group to Update Case for South East Quarter Economic Development Zone

An April 13th meeting of Local Employers and officials is to further explore the local economic benefit of a proposed new extended skills and employment zone for Uppingham.

The concept of a major extension to the town’s existing industrial estate in Station Road was first considered as part of the employer debate building up to the production of the first Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan. Supported by Rutland County Council, the plan called for Local Enterprise Partnership support for a feasibility study of an extension to, and improvement of, the present Station Road Industrial Estate. such that a new entrance at its Eastern end might be created.

Now the initiative has been revived as a by product of the debate about a possible Eastern route of a Uppingham North/South bypass or relief road. The viability of an extension of the industrial estate into an enlarged skills and employment zone with easy access to the south and the A6003 via a new link road is seen as a possible long term way forward to strengthen the local economy and attract new employers, skills and jobs.

More information on the proposed new economic new zone is available from secretary@uppinghamfirst.co.uk