Addressing Disadvantage and Social Isolation in a Cashless Society – A Rotary Community Project Led by the Rotary Club of Uppingham

Aim – To acknowledge the loss of the last bank in the town, by harnessing the community spirit evident in Uppingham to bring old and young together to
empower a pilot group of the elderly or housebound with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate online banking and to shop in the local high street with home delivery of the goods via the Uppingham Hopper Community Bus.
Key Partners
 Project Leader – The Rotary Club of Uppingham; Rotary District 1070; The Coop; Barclays Bank; The Falcon Hotel; Uppingham Community College;
 ClockedIn – Local IT Company; Uppingham First; Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum; A local Key Safe Charity
How You Can Get Involved
For those of us past the age of 70, an irritating modern development is the increasing number of advertisements that depict us as isolated and set in our
ways. One or two well-known national charities are among the major culprits. Rarely is a positive image of a forward looking, IT literate pensioner embracing
change portrayed. Yet, without doubt, they are in the majority. Not yet counted in this group are those who are keen to embrace technological change, but who would appreciate a confidential helping hand to get started. Experience suggests that once set upon the path of change, there will be no holding back. It is
neighbours from this group who are now being sought in and around Uppingham to participate in the ‘cashless society’ project featured in a recent edition of the Rutland Times.
The aim of the project is to support both the participants and, initially, a small pilot group of town centre traders. These will include the fish stall in the
Uppingham Friday market, and the Uppingham Co-op, which is helping to fund the project. Banking support will come from Barclay’s staff and local manager
Damian Mortimer who has recently returned to Rutland. You do not need to bank with Barclays to get involved.

Rotary, in partnership with Uppingham First and the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum, will lead the project. Young residents from Uppingham
Community College will join the supporting team assisted by Uppingham based IT company ClockedIn. Ordered goods will be delivered on the Uppingham
Hopper by volunteers from UppWatch, the Neighbourhood Forum’s ‘good neighbour’ scheme. It promises to be a very worthwhile project. It will help
the elderly to embrace change and operate in an increasingly cashless society while still supporting the traditional high street.

So how can residents get involved and support the project? There are three ways.
1) During 2020 buy own brand goods at the Uppingham Co-op and show your membership card. If not a member, please join now. The store’s community fund
will reward the project with an appropriate share of 1% of the profits made from such purchases. The shopper gets a small reward too! If online go to
https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/40395 to specifically support the project. Those not online can support the project by simply using their membership
card to buy co-op own brand goods.
2. Volunteer to join the delivery team. A single afternoon per week will suffice. Free training and certification is on offer. Call 01572 495050 to find out more.
3. Impress your family and friends by joining the pilot cohort of pensioners who are about to demonstrate that age is no barrier to learning. Become a member of the group of ten who will pilot the project and receive individual tuition and support to get the very best from a purpose designed smart phone or tablet which will be provided during the project.

Call 01572 823465 or leave your name and address on the Hopper bus to join the fun. Getting involved could make 2020 a very special year for you.

Good News
The project plan has already received significant national, regional and local media praise as well as attracting commercial sponsorship and support. The
initiative has the potential to be a market town exemplar, teaching digital skills while supporting the local high street and the Hopper and presenting
Uppingham as a forward looking community. Want to know more? Come to the Forum meeting on January 30th or call the Forum on 01572 495050 or e-mail
You do not need to have a mobile phone or tablet to get involved. All equipment will be provided.