Uppingham Artisan Survey

Following a decision by the board of community partnership Uppingham First to support the concept of establishing a community artisan hub in vacant high street premises, a survey of artisan interest and aspiration is being circulated within Rutland.

Designed by local artisan Lauren Tipler of Farrow and Rose , interested parties are being invited to complete the survey and return it to Lauren and the partnership at farrowandrose@outlook.com For a copy of the survey e-mail Lauren or Uppingham First at secretary@uppinghamfirst.co.uk

The idea for a Creative Hub is not just about shopping; it is about producing an artistic space for the community. The Hub will be a place where local makers can come together and form a community of like-minded people who can support and encourage each other. It will be an opportunity to sell goods on the high street, work in a quiet or a collaborative space and run/attend classes or workshops.

The hub could run workshops both by, and for, its members. Workshops/classes run by members for the general public, possibly including school groups, as well as bringing in external professionals who can help support its members in the building of their businesses (from business skills to social media and product photography for example).

The hub shop front will aim to provide members with the chance to sell their products which is currently otherwise mostly done online through social media or websites such as Etsy because of the substantial cost of operating in a town centre alone. An artisan membership fee will help to cover the costs of the project .