Town Benefactor to be Recognised

Former Uppingham undertaker Edward J Toon is to be recognised by the charity he created in his name with the mounting of special plaque in his honour. The E J Toon Charitable Trust is to temporarily locate the plaque, donated by Ted’s last apprentice and Executor Gerald Badley, in a town centre position. Once completed, the ‘affordable housing for young people’ orchard site in Seaton Road will become its home. The Seaton Road orchard site was originally owned by Mr Toon.

On the death of Ted Toon the town of Uppingham lost one of its most colourful characters. For many years Ted and his performing dogs were to be seen at the numerous fetes in the County. His carnations graced the stands at major flower shows and his birds won prizes throughout England. Ted had a fine baritone voice and as a ballroom dancer he excelled. For good measure he ran his own business as a carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker and undertaker.

Always mindful of the fact that it was only with the support of the people of Uppingham that he was able to make a living, Ted’s last wishes were that monies from his estate should be used for the benefit of the families of those who had helped his business to succeed in the past. He therefore gave over £100,000 to Oakham Hospital and a similar sum to the Doctors’ Surgery at Uppingham, to be used for the benefit of Uppingham townspeople.

Ted also set aside monies for the more senior people of Uppingham and Ayston to be paid as a Christmas present, £50 each year, eligible persons being those who will have lived in Uppingham or Ayston for more than two years and who will be 80 years of age or more on this year’s qualifying date of November 1st 2020.

If you are not already a beneficiary of the charity and you have reached this milestone in your life, or have a relation who qualifies, it would assist those who have been charged with carrying out Ted’s wishes if you would contact the Trust no later than October 31st 2020.