Neighbourhood Forum Public Meeting

Tuesday May 31st 2022 at 7.30pm

Garden Terrace – The Falcon Hotel  

Notice has been given of the next public meeting of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum. A number of interesting discussions are to be held.


Wish to ask for an agenda item?  Call 07710 328469. So far, the meeting agenda includes: –

Forum Agenda

  1. Chair’s update
  2. Town Council and Elections update
  3. Policing and Crime update 
  4. Health and Wellbeing
  5. New Housing – Sites and numbers update
  6. Broadband Expansion Plans
  7. Uppingham Hopper 
  8. Social Sundays and other 2022 events
  9. Community Group updates
  10. AOB (time permitting)

 Meeting to close at 9pm.