Call For Clean Air Receives National Publicity

A call for action by Rutland County Council from an Affordable Homes Trust in Uppingham, Rutland to enforce clean air standards around an Uppingham Water Treatment Plant owned by Anglian Water, is to receive support from CPRE, the national countryside charity.

An article published in The Rutland Times seeking an enforcement notice to improve air quality near the plant is to feature in the countryside charity’s national newsletter.

Commenting upon the enforcement notice request, initiated on UK Clean Air Day 2021, Uppingham Homes Community Land Trust Secretary Ron Simpson BEM said, “The law is very clear. Every landowner has a right to clean air so that they may enjoy their particular piece of countryside. Many water treatment plants elsewhere in the UK have been modernised to ensure their local landowners and community are kept safe. Anglian Water trades at substantial profit, yet admits it is polluting the local atmosphere and threatening the long term heath of those who work and play near its site boundary. This is not acceptable.”