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Written by Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum   
Tuesday, 02 January 2018 16:27

altCalls for an investigation into the circumstances leading up to the call out of two ambulances,  injuries to two elderly residents and the abandonment of the Uppingham Friday Market on Friday December 29th, are to be made at the next public meeting of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum. Pictured is one of the residents being treated by the first ambulance to arrive after a 45 minute wait lying on the icy market place surface following a fall.

Failure to treat the road surface, resulting in treacherous conditions, was blamed for a series of incidents which resulted in the majority of market traders refusing to stay once they had arrived, arguing the market place was dangerous and unsuitable for trading. Exceptions were the bread and fish stalls which did little trade but stayed several hours to assist the elderly who had suffered falls, along with some local traders.   

The appalling conditions and series of incidents were captured on the Uppingham Webcam and will be shown to Neighbourhood Forum attendees. Questions to be asked include which organisation is responsible for ice clearance in such circumstances and why no action was taken to ensure public safety on what is normally Uppingham's busiest trading day.   


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