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Uppingham Electric Car Reaches Portugal PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 17:25

As part of a trial to prove that an electric car can now serve as one's main car rather than a second car, an Uppingham based BMW I3 has reached the north of Portugal having travelled through France and Spain.  The car called first at Uppingham's twin town Caudebec en Caux, France (pictured), where it was recharged by one of the town's twinning association families prior to a visit to the local Mairie. 

Recharging the car on its journey has been via a mix of public charging points and free overnight charges from hotels en route. A celebratory charge in Porto, Portugal was provided by the city's BMW I dealer before the vehicle toured the north of the country and finally boarded a ferry in Santander, Spain  to return to the midlands via Portsmouth.       

Hopper Decision is Yes PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 13:51

altCommunity Partnership Uppingham First met this week to consider the future of the Uppingham Hopper following a government threat to many community transport organisations around the UK and a fund raising initiative that has produced donations and promises greater than the first two years of repayments required on a proposed five year loan to be offered by Rutland County Council for a replacement Uppingham Hopper.

A group of UK transport companies have lodged an objection with the EU about unfair competition from charitable community transport groups who bid for public sector contracts.  It is possible that some Section 19 permits may be withdrawn. The government is minded to have a review. This may have implications for charitable transport groups. 

Members of the Community Transport Association, which includes Uppingham First are being asked to support a pro community transport campaign.

The decision on the Hopper?  A big yes! Directors were impressed with the level of support promised, or already given, by the very elderly in the town. It is was therefore agreed to continue fundraising and introduce a new Hopper service very early in 2018.    



Rutland Local Plan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 13:27

Uppingham has hosted a number of meetings to consider the draft Rutland Local Plan, currently out to public consultation. 

The Rutland Branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) met in the historic Club Room of The Falcon Hotel for over 5 hours to consider its response to the plan under the chairmanship of local Rotarian Malcolm Touchin. Present was Branch President, the Lord Lieutenant, Dr Laurence Howard.

Representatives of twenty one parishes met in the magnificent Oak Room of the hotel last week to consider their concerns over the plan. Items discussed included the spatial strategy for development and its impact on small villages, future strategy on neighbourhood planning and a number of inequalities in the plan. 

Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum and its partner Uppingham Business Forum have also considered their views on the document. Both Forums are represented on the Board of Community Partnership Uppingham First which met this week  and approved a written response to the draft plan this week informed by the recently updated Uppingham Town Centre & Business Zones Plan. Of particular concern are the draft Rutland Local Plan's proposals to limit the future economic development of Uppingham in deference to Oakham.           

MEP Visits Uppingham Business PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 10:56


altEast Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin has visited Uppingham in Rutland to help celebrate new ownership and increased investment at local business, Castle Car Care Ltd. The company is located at Fernie Court in Station Road, Uppingham LE15 9US and has invested in new infrastructure and expanded its range of vehicle related services to include low cost car sales. 

New Company Chairman Geoffrey Pointon welcomed established customers and guests to the event before introducing the staff team and inviting the MEP to address the audience.  Following a meeting with the Prime Minister the day before, Emma was able to update guests with the latest news on Brexit and express her confidence in the contribution that small and medium sized enterprises such as Castle Car Care Ltd might make to to a post Brexit UK.

Pictured is Emma answering questions from her audience and the line up of the Castle Car Care staff team with some of their new equipment.

Read the 'Uppingham Community Emergency Plan' here

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Forum AGMs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 16:10

Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum hosted two AGM's this month. The UNF Executive Committee had its AGM on Thursday August 17th. Agenda items included approval of the new Uppingham Community Emergency Plan, the specification of the community aspects of the town's new virtual portal and a report on the progress of UppWatch, the town's new good neighbour scheme.

On Thursday August  31st over 65 residents attended the public AGM of the Forum. Items discussed included the recent rise in crime, the Uppingham Hopper Fund and the Rutland Local Plan.   


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