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Sunday, 21 October 2018 18:36

altUppingham Neighbourhood Forum (UNF) has announced that every household in Uppingham, Rutland is to receive a twelve page booklet by the end of the month entitled the 'UNF 2018 Review'. Copies will also be available for all new residents moving into the town over the next 12 months. Funding agencies which have supported Forum activities are to be forwarded a copy.

The booklet will summarise the work of the Forum and its community partners over recent years and thank residents for their neighbourly conduct and volunteering efforts. The review also outlines the Forum's priorities for the coming year and details a number of future volunteering opportunities.

Accompanying the booklet will be a copy of the new Uppingham Household Emergency Card,  details of the ticketed WW1 events for November 11th, the date of the next defibrillator volunteer training session,  a copy of the community's police special recruiting initiative and advance notice of a Rotary led Craft Fair featuring products created by local artisans.

Commenting upon on the publication UNF Coordinator Ron Simpson said, "Janet Thompson and her UNF team have achieved a great deal in recent years. The  booklet neatly captures much of the activity where community groups, statutory agencies  and volunteers have collaborated to make a difference. The booklet will also be published online".  

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