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Monday, 26 June 2017 08:55

altUppingham in Rutland is to be well represented at the 2017 Public Sector Show in London this week.

Following local consideration of the 2017 'State of the Public Sector Report', delegates from Community Partnership Uppingham First  and civil society infrastructure group Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum will be listening to and participating in a wide range of debates on the future of the public sector and its interface with civil society.

Topics to be explored include Public Services after the EU, the Complexities of Local Government Decision Making, Economic Development  and  the  Opportunities Presented to Local Communities by Devolution. Sponsors of the event include the Cabinet Office, the Local Government Association and the Department of Communities and Local Government.

A report on the event will be presented to the 2017 AGM of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum on August 31st.     

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