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Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:42

altAs part of Uppingham residents' efforts to preserve the town's environment and protect wildlife, hedgehog signs are to be erected on The Beeches urging drivers to slow down when entering and leaving the estate. Local environmentalist Andrew Carter-Brown, a member of the  British Hedgehog Society, is leading the initiative, one of a number to improve the neighbourhood and promote the rural way of life. 

A community noticeboard provides further information on how to care for hedgehogs and what not to feed them. Its a definite No! to milk or bread, but Yes to meaty pet food and chopped unsalted peanuts.  Note that hedgehogs should only be given water to drink. 

Residents are also urged to check grass and hedges thoroughly before using mowers, strimmers and hedge cutters. A particular warning to dog owners to keep their pets  on a lead during garden runs  is offered, with leaflets highlighting the danger to both hedgehog  and dog if they come into conflict.

The Beeches neighbourhood has been entered into the 2017 East Midlands in Bloom competition. Judging of the town's efforts will be on Tuesday July 4th.   A huge effort to tackle rapidly growing weeds is planned for June. For more information and how to volunteer, see www.uppinghaminbloom.co.uk

This is Volunteers Week 2017 - Call 01572 495050 to see how you can help

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